September 2022 Update to Alumni: Thank you for launching the Young Leaders Program with Greenhouse Scholars!

We launched the Young Leaders Program in May 2022 to support our alumni in the early stages of their careers and post-college life and ensure we work together as a community to launch high-potential, high-impact ideas.

See below for program updates and what’s next for Young Leaders Alumni (ages 21-30) and how Sustaining Alumni can support them (ages 30+).

Learning Component…
Upcoming Advisor Sessions!

We’ll help Young Leaders gain the knowledge they’ll need to maximize their potential as leaders, professionals, community members, and change makers.

Young Leaders: The Young Leaders Program staff have been meeting with Greenhouse community members to form the Advisors “In-Residence” and Personalized Development Coach teams around the themes of leadership, professional, personal, and community change. Stay tuned to PeopleGrove and your inboxes for fall Advisors “In-Residence” zoom session dates. If you haven’t already, make sure to complete the Young Leaders Program application to participate in the sessions as well as communicate your interest in Coaching (starting in 2023!). In addition, we have been working to develop our Video Library on PeopleGrove to provide quality online sources.

Sustaining Alumni: We’d love to have you be part of our Video Library on PeopleGrove! If you are interested in being interviewed for the library around the themes of leadership, professional, personal, or community change, please email Michelle Kruk.

Relationship Component…
Upcoming Regional Meetups! 

We’ll help Young Leaders foster relationships that matter for powering ideas, actions, and community change.

Young Leaders: We kicked off our Young Leaders Program and the relationship component with our first Ignite conference weekend. 20 Young Leaders joined the Greenhouse community over two days for networking, collaboration, learning, idea creation, and relationship building. Click here for a snapshot of the Ignite speakers, which included five Sustaining Alumni.

The Young Leaders Program staff are currently planning Regional Alumni meetups potentially in Chicago, Denver, New York City, Washinton DC, San Franciso, and Los Angeles. Plus a virtual meetup for those that are abroad or outside the cities mentioned. Each meetup will be capped at 10 first-come, first-served participants.

Sustaining Alumni: If you haven’t already, join our cross-community online engagement platform, PeopleGrove to build relationships with fellow alumni and the Greenhouse community. Do you have an available internship or job opportunity for our Scholars or Young Leaders? Post the opportunity to PeopleGrove and email Michelle Kruk

Entrepreneurship Component…
Upcoming Idea Creation!

We’ll help Young Leaders create and sharpen business ideas at every stage of development. From ideation to business resources to seed funding, we’re building an ecosystem to develop entrepreneurial mindsets and launch high-potential ideas.

Young Leaders: We are very excited to be in the planning phase of the regional, in-person Idea Creation, Enhancement, and Execution support sessions in 2023. Anyone can participate in the Idea Creation and Enhancement sessions. 

Sustaining Alumni: We would love for you to participate in our regional Ideation sessions to help our Young Leaders flesh out new, high-potential ideas. If you are interested in participating in one of these sessions in 2023, email Jamie Clay.

Alumni Updates…
Congratulations Scholar Alumni!

We’d love to update our alumni community on all of your exciting professional and personal life updates. Do you have updates to share? You can complete this survey at any time and let us know! See below for some current updates.

Helena Cappon (CO’19): Cappon is visiting a local rural high school and presenting to prospective Greenhouse Scholar applicants this September to increase our influx of rural applicants before applications close. 

Elizabeth Gutierrez-Gutierrez (CO’22): Gutierrez-Gutierrez was a featured guest speaker at Greenhouse’s Annual Inspire event on August 7, 2022. Click here to listen to her speech!

Michelle Lehman (CO’19): Lehman’s animated series, A Visual Love Letter to the Queen City Memory Café, was accepted into Denver Digerati‘s Supernova Digital Animation Festival! It will be featured as part of the Colorado Artist Spotlight which you can access online on September 14th. Lehman was also selected for the Denver Business Journal’s “Top Innovator Under 25 in Colorado” 2022 list.

Alfredo Reyes (CO’12): Reyes was a featured guest speaker at Greenhouse’s Annual Inspire event on August 7, 2022. Click here to listen to his speech!

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