When it comes to leveling the playing field, education is the great equalizer. It is the most fundamental and effective problem-solving mechanism that exists in society. Greenhouse Scholars is dedicated to providing educational opportunities and support to those with the potential to make a real difference.


of children born in the poorest communities will remain there as adults without education beyond high school.


of Greenhouse Scholars graduate from college as compared to 15% of their peers from the lowest income backgrounds.

Amplifying their college education, the addition of our Whole Person program has proven to accelerate our Scholars’ ability to solve problems, overcome adversity, and take control of events that occur in their lives, allowing them greater self-confidence, self-determination and self-efficacy. Ultimately, we are cultivating leaders who are creating and inspiring change in their own backyards, and around the world.



Scholars employ a strategic framework to elevate their life’s impact, and as a group, create entrepreneurial solutions to problems faced by K-12 students from low-income communities.

Summer Symposium

An annual, world-class, multi-day gathering that brings together all of our Scholars for workshops, speakers, panel discussions, and group projects. Scholars explore our core values, expand their thinking, and cultivate their leadership skills.

Skills Modules

The broad range of our community’s expertise is shared with our Scholars through targeted, modular online content to help develop personal and professional skills.


Scholars are coached through the process of finding and making the most of their internships, along with other in-person learning opportunities at various organizations.

Financial Support

Scholars may apply for two forms of financial support each year; a four-year, renewable scholarship award of up to $5,000 per year and ‘flex funding’ grants of up to $2,000 per award. Flex Funding grants support a wide range of projects and experiences related to the vision and values of Greenhouse Scholars.

Professional Networking

Successful professionals from the Greenhouse Scholars community engage with Scholars, broadening their networks and connections. This diverse network motivates Scholars to think strategically about their direction and impact and provides essential insights and connections into the professional world.


Greenhouse Scholars mentors are community leaders who guide, encourage, and inspire Scholars to achieve more than they could on their own. Scholars are matched with their mentor prior to college and maintain the relationship throughout college and beyond.

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A Community United.

Through a diverse community of thousands of mentors, staff, volunteers, peers, donors, and Scholars alumni, we’ve created an ecosystem of support that rallies around our exceptional young leaders, providing them with the personal, professional and financial resources they’ll need to thrive in their educational careers, and far beyond.

10,000 people

make up our community—individuals, family members, corporate partners and donors who span all socioeconomic strata.

40+ states, 50+ countries

Our community covers all sorts of regions and ethnicities, both locally and around the globe.

Every year the Greenhouse Scholars community dedicates over 11,000 volunteer hours to a single purpose: working together to create thriving communities rooted in understanding, empathy, connection, positivity, solutions-orientation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration.

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The Outcome. Impact.

The Greenhouse Scholars model has proven to create lasting, generational change from within low-income communities. Our proprietary approach to recruitment and selection ensures we partner with the most inspiring, deserving, and relentless role models. These leaders have the greatest potential to have exponential impact over their lifetimes.

Starting Salaries

of Greenhouse Scholars are 2x that of both their parents and are higher than their peers.

Every Scholar in our program learns how to strategize and create their own plan for community impact, and how to take actionable steps to achieve that plan.

Nearly 80%

of Greenhouse Scholars have started at least one nonprofit business, community group, or campaign for change.

There is a direct link between our program and the impact our Scholars have on the world around them. They are becoming mentors, making connections with people of different backgrounds from themselves, becoming leaders in their communities, and encouraging more people to pursue education. They are the engine powering the transformation of a historic cycle of poverty into a cycle of opportunity.

50,000 people

are impacted by Greenhouse Scholars every year through mentoring, volunteering, community leadership, entrepreneurship, and more.

The Community Transforming Communities

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