Pete Burridge

Founder and CEO

Pete is the founder of Greenhouse Scholars and its sister companies, Greenhouse Partners and Greenhouse Partners is a professional services firm that applies a “whole brand” approach to building and growing leading brands. is an online hub for soccer enthusiasts. Pete previously served as a Senior Vice President and an officer at The Integer Group. Integer is a global powerhouse in promotional, retail, and shopper marketing. He was also a director of Wunderman Cato Johnson, a division of Young and Rubicam, and has an investment background, having spent four years as a Treasury Bond Trader at the Chicago Board of Trade. An entrepreneur his entire career, he has been a part of starting seven companies. Pete founded Greenhouse Scholars in order to create a Whole Person program that makes a broad and lasting impact by helping students to become community leaders that create change that will last through the generations. He believes that each of us is accountable to give back to the community. Pete lives in Boulder with his amazing wife and four equally amazing daughters. He spends most of his free time watching his girls compete in soccer and basketball across the state and country. Occasionally, he can be found fly fishing, snowboarding, and running and biking the mountain trails around Boulder.