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Providing educational opportunity to low-income students.

In everything Vlad does, he aims to help others through proactive planning and action. As the first Latino member of the student Council at DSST Cole, he joined to help change the school rather than sit back and criticize it. As a member of the student board of education, Vlad advocated for better and healthier food options for his fellow classmates. As a student in chemistry, he volunteered to translate for and tutor a new student from Mexico resulting in her ability to pass the class.

Vlad is humble, determined and consistent. His civics and chemistry teacher stated he is one of the most exceptional students they have ever taught. As a first-generation American, he has fought to succeed academically but has also recognized the inherent challenges that many low-income students do not overcome. Vlad envisions helping other under-resourced youth by creating an education program that provides non-traditional, custom curriculum and direct exposure to a variety of professions that so they can see their potential in the world and are better equipped to achieve their dreams.


  • Intern at Denver Health
  • Student Board of Education
  • Student Council
  • National Honor Society