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Terri’s father died from Alzheimer’s when she was six years old. She was placed into foster care, where she shuffled between multiple homes, experiencing further instability and abuse, before settling with her guardian. Rather than letting her situation deter her, Terri focused on her education and developed into a strong, determined, reflective leader. She graduated as the Valedictorian of her high school, the presidents of both the National Honor Society and the Christian Youth Fellowship, and the captain of the varsity volleyball team.

Terri’s determination continues in her desire to study psychology at Emory University, as a means of finding empowering through the challenges she and her family have faced with her sister’s autism, her brother’s ADHD, and her own experience in the foster care system.

Terri’s reference notes, “She is a true leader, and an individual that others in her age group look to for guidance.”