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Raise awareness about political and humanitarian struggles in my home country, Eritrea, and improve sustainability in Global Health development.

Selihom is the daughter of Eritrean immigrants who loves watching Marvel movies, gummy bears, eye makeup, and crocheting. While community advocacy and involvement are important to Selihom, her passions extend into international law and relations, as well as health inequity. At her school, she helped found the Black Student Alliance, as well as the STEP Dance team. Throughout middle school, Selihom tried to find her ‘seat at the table’ with her peers by changing herself for their consideration. By establishing the Black Student Alliance, she didn’t just bring her own chair to the table, she created an entirely new table for all her black peers. As Senior Class President, she successfully organized her high school’s first fundraiser with the Make a Wish foundation and raised over $4,000.

On a larger scale, she is involved with different Horn of Africa organizations, the biggest of which being One Day Seyoum, an international Eritrean human rights organization focused on shedding light on the struggles faced by its citizens. Selihom served as an executive team member as well as the communications director of the organization, working on multiple campaigns and projects in an effort to further their mission. In the future, she hopes to continue human rights work for Eritrea, while also working with NGOs such as the United Nations to establish sustainable growth in the realm of Global Health. Recognizing that what she will do with her life is not set in stone, Selihom finds confidence in this: she will work on an international level to amend inequities in healthcare, human rights, and sustainable development, and will carry the pursuit of knowledge with her and use it to change what she cannot accept.


  • Black Student Alliance, Co-Founder and President
  • Varsity Step Dance Team, Co-Founder and Head of Budgeting
  • One Day Seyoum, Executive Board Leader and Communications Director