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Creating solutions for children residing in addiction-ridden households.

Maggie Clarke, a passionate community leader, discovered her calling at the Pennington School in New Jersey. As a residential assistant, she fostered meaningful connections and created a safe environment, overcoming her own challenges as a first-generation, under-resourced student. Inspired by her peers, Maggie utilized the school’s resources to uplift herself and others. Now, equipped with problem-solving, collaboration, and project management skills, she aims to become a productive, empathetic leader in the nonprofit sector. As a Scholar, Maggie seeks to grow alongside her fellow Scholars in the Greenhouse Community, harnessing opportunities, mentorship, and resources. With her positivity, empathy, and natural leadership, she aspires to make a lasting impact on the lives of children affected by addiction, changing their trajectory away from trauma.


  • Prefect
  • Peer Leader
  • Junior Proctor