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Creating community and honoring culture through art.

Artist, Connector, Advocate, Leader, First-Generation. These are just a few words that describe Kristen Narona. As a co-founder of POC POV with fellow Greenhouse Scholar, Iftu Abdi, Kristen curated a gallery in her high school that features artists of color. As a way to build community in diversity at their school, these artists would present their work to students to share their experiences as people of color.

As a child of immigrants, Kristen was raised to assimilate to American culture that resulted in the loss of her native Filipino language. Kristen recognized she was losing her culture and in response, used art as a way of connection. She began to draw Southeast Asian women to create visually represent her own story and to connect with others who feel a loss of their culture and heritage.


  • Co-founder of POC POV
  • Students Taking Action, Making Progress (STAMP) Curator
  • Intern at the Denver Art Museum
  • Girl’s Inc. of Metro Denver Facilitator
  • Intern at the Museum of Contemporary Art
  • Volleyball Team Manager