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Moving to the US from South Korea at age 7, Joon was faced with challenging cultural and language barriers. With determination, he spent hours poring over handmade flashcards and reading English dictionaries – Joon finished high school with a 3.9 GPA and Advanced Placement Honors, receiving A’s in two AP English classes.

Joon has also dedicated significant time to his Montbello community. He was on the tri-exec board for Upward Bound and student government, and he acted as a mentor to incoming freshmen. Joon also served over 400 hours at the Boy and Girls Club and says he envisions an America that provides every adolescent with the opportunity to be involved in a positive after school activity. He argues that these programs are a haven for kids, keeping them off the streets and allowing them to express themselves creatively. Joon’s teacher said, “To know Joon is to know respect, loyalty, honor, and drive… To know Joon is to know a leader, a scholar, and a friend.” Joon wants to combine his interest in business and education, plus his passion for innovating, to change the face of education on Denver.