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Provide better educational resources to under-represented communities.

Living in Atlanta, Bryce is surrounded by many different communities, something he does not take for granted. “I learn to make friends with those with differing opinions than mine. I found that once you take a look at someone’s background and truly place yourself in their shoes, you will develop a better understanding of why someone truly feels a certain way.” Throughout high school, he worked with programs such as A Better Chance and Odyssey Atlanta to assist with the educational development of young kids in under-resourced communities.

Bryce is relentless in his pursuit of higher education, applying to countless private high schools and enduring endless hours commuting to schools in other cities. Bryce is a leader in and out of the classroom, participating in extracurricular activities from varsity basketball to the Student Diversity Leadership Club, and volunteering in various local initiatives. He is passionate about working with organizations that allocate better health and educational resources to underrepresented communities. Bryce aims to make an impact by creating his own entrepreneurial solutions to these issues. He said “I choose to lead without looking for recognition, as this path is much bigger than myself and I’m just happy to be able to grow into a stronger leader along the way. One day, I hope to be remembered for my selflessness and service to others.”


  • A Better Chance, Scholar Leader
  • African American Affinity Group, Male Affinity Leader
  • Varsity Basketball, Captain