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Ever since Aron expelled his abusive stepfather from his family’s home at the age of 16, he has been a rock for his mother and baby sister. In addition to excelling in school, he has worked numerous jobs to help provide for his family and also serves as role model for his sister. Aron has benefited greatly from volunteer mentors and wishes to give back to communities through mentorship and philanthropy. College allowed Aron to continue living his values, standards, and goals. With the help of a Greenhouse Scholars Independent Grant, Aron collaborated with a University of Denver professor to investigate the dropout rate among Latino males at Denver North High School. He worked with another Greenhouse Scholar, Saul, to create a Latino Youth Conference at the University of Denver to motivate 200 Denver students to go to college. Aron’s passion for education has turned into a career as an Education Specialist at Colorado Youth for a Change.