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Andrea is at her best not only in the lab, but also on the soccer field. While some see conducting research as an individual endeavor, Andrea has made it a team effort to positively impact others. During a week spent on Mount Baker for a program called Girls on Ice, she helped lead her group of young female peers and researchers through a glacial expedition. She also serves as a mentor to girls interested in STEM fields through 1000 Girls, 1000 Futures. Above all, Andrea believes her most significant leadership experience has been leading her younger siblings to follow in her footsteps towards a better future.

Andrea sees herself as a global citizen who will help struggling communities thrive: “I live in a neighborhood where crime and poverty are commonplace. My environment, where failure is more frequent than success, can be quite discouraging for many. But the problems eating away at my community – poverty, poor education, and astray parents – drive me to help my community.”