Saul Huerta

Chief Finance, Accounting, and HR Officer

Saul is a Greenhouse Scholars alum (class of 2011) and a Partner for our organization and its two sister companies, Greenhouse Partners and The18. Saul was the first in his family to graduate from college and after joining Greenhouse Partners he rose quickly to become their youngest ever senior associate and the accountant for all three companies in the Greenhouse family.

Recently, Saul was named as one of ColoradoBiz Magazine’s top 25 young professionals. They site his fast rise in the accounting profession as well as his ongoing and outstanding philanthropic efforts which include¬†the creation of R.O.Y.A.L.L. (Retention of Youth and Latino Leaders), a mentorship organization that aims to reduce high school dropout rates for Latino males and has served more than 1,200 students so far. Since he became an alum, Saul has also volunteered more than 400 hours with Greenhouse Scholars and mentors a Scholar himself.