Sponsor a Scholar

Sponsoring a Scholar is a unique opportunity to support a Scholar throughout his or her time with the program. When you or a group pledge to donate $10,000 per year for five years, you’re able to choose a Scholar to sponsor throughout his or her time with the program. Sponsor a Scholar groups receive consistent updates on the Scholar’s progress in the program and are sent information and stories about their Scholar at least twice per year.

Beyond just covering the cost of Scholars to complete the Whole Person Program, Sponsor a Scholar groups create unique connections that help bring both Scholars and supporters closer to the Greenhouse Scholars community.

If you’d like to Sponsor a Scholar, please contact Andra Pool.

The value of this sort of contribution cannot be overstated and we would like to thank all of our community members who have already chosen to join us as catalyst for lasting change by sponsoring a Scholar.

Thank you:

Greenhouse Scholars