Young Leaders Program – 2024 Idea Creation & Enhancement Sessions

Comprised of three components (learning, relationships, entrepreneurship), the Young Leaders Program provides comprehensive support to Greenhouse alumni in the first decade of their careers and post-college lives and ensures we work together as a community to launch high-potential, high-impact ideas. 

The program serves alumni who are committed to growing as a leader, pursuing the best version of themselves, leveling the playing field in their careers, and being a part of strengthening our community.  

By supporting the people and ideas that have the greatest ability to positively impact our world, the Young Leaders Program is a building block in pursuit of lasting community change.

Through the entrepreneurship component of the Young Leaders Program, Greenhouse provides direct support for early-stage ideas and connections to funding for different life stages.

The goal of the entrepreneurship component is to create an entrepreneurial mindset and platform to identify and launch high-potential ideas. In 2024, the Young Leaders Program will host Idea Creation and/or Enhancement sessions in Illinois, Colorado, California, New York, and Georgia.

Building Blocks in Pursuit of Lasting Community Change

Sessions that contribute to the creation of new, high-potential ideas for Young
Leaders and community members to pursue.

Chicago Idea Creation Participants: together, they managed to generate over 50 unique ideas for new for-profit businesses, nonprofit organizations, and community impact projects.

Community Members: Barry Friedland, Kamau Faines, Kelly Gaskin, and Rachel Myung
Young Leaders: Asia-Ana Williams and Martha Martinez

Launching High-Potential Ideas

Sessions that support the success of ideas of various life stages with input
from within and outside the Greenhouse Community.

Chicago Idea Creation Participants: together, they engaged in intensive discussions aimed at working through challenges and identifying viable paths forward for 3 Alumni businesses.

Community Members: Billy Hyland, Doug Shabelman, Evan Lonergan, Stephanie Seymour, and Ted Neild
Young Leaders: Anthony Rucker, Jason (Ivy) Roberts, and Sarah Dynia