Young Leaders Program – 2024 Funded Businesses + Projects

Comprised of three components (learning, relationships, entrepreneurship), the Young Leaders Program provides comprehensive support to Greenhouse alumni in the first decade of their careers and post-college lives and ensures we work together as a community to launch high-potential, high-impact ideas. 

The program serves alumni who are committed to growing as a leader, pursuing the best version of themselves, leveling the playing field in their careers, and being a part of strengthening our community.  

By supporting the people and ideas that have the greatest ability to positively impact our world, the Young Leaders Program is a building block in pursuit of lasting community change.

Through the entrepreneurship component of the Young Leaders Program, Greenhouse provides direct support for early-stage ideas and connections to funding for different life stages.

The goal of the entrepreneurship component is to create an entrepreneurial mindset and platform to identify and launch high-potential ideas.

Meseret Hailu (Class of 2011)

Ethiopian Youth Culture Workshop

A heritage enrichment and maintenance site in Colorado for Ethiopian children to promote the preservation of cultural heritage among immigrants living in the United States offering language and cooking workshops, music, and games.

Connie Appiah (Class of 2018)

Equinox in Motion

A digital platform and podcast series discussing and sharing resources, evidence-based strategies, and professional expertise around empowering women at the intersection of wellness, self-actualization, and motherhood featuring women ages 20-40, first-time/new working moms, and black/marginalized women in Colorado.

Jose Banales (Class of 2019)

JB Consulting

A small consulting firm designed to make a meaningful impact on their client’s business with tailored, innovative, efficient, and positive solutions. The vision is to shape the future of business through unwavering commitment to client success, positive change, and being at the forefront of progressive solutions that drive transformative business outcomes.

Richard Maez (Class of 2015)

Ednium: The Alumni Collective

An action-focused community development organization that partners with Denver Public School Alumni (35 and under) to change the way our city educates and reinvests in its homegrown talent seeking to deliver a tangible and sustainable solution to the gap in the infrastructure of Denver that can be replicated as a model throughout the metro area and the country.

Sama Kareem (Class of 2022)

DAWN Ophthalmology

A completely volunteer-run clinic focused on providing basic eye care for patients with a lack of access to healthcare based in Aurora, CO. Sama’s goal is for DAWN is to be able to provide holistic and preventative vision care for patients. To do this, they need to work on improving and strengthening their infrastructure to purchase and use higher-end equipment like lasers.

Jason Roberts (Class of 2017)

“Crush” Jason Ivy, LLC

Releasing on Chicago’s 312 Day, “Crush” is the 2nd single from Jason’s debut project, and Jason’s first release with AWAL. His goal is to use these singles to push further into the mainstream with each release while developing his 1,000 true fans in Chicago and Atlanta. By the end of 2024, he aims to solidify support from existing industry partnerships to open up new sources of revenue, so his music career becomes self-sustaining and more autonomous. By 2030, he sets to build a state-of-the-art arts center on Chicago’s south side that can create endless opportunities for rising artists like him.

Helena Cappon (2019 Class)

Gub Gub’s Pizza + Ice Cream

Gub Gub’s Pizza + Ice Cream received a third round of funding (also funded in 2021 + 2023) to sustain our payroll while they closed their first location inside an incubator and moved to their official space, as well as fund their marketing, graphic design, and media. More specifically, they are a family-run operation in a rural area. They rely on themselves and their small staff to be successful and now they are able to move forward with the confidence necessary to launch our project and have every opportunity of success.

Amadou Bah (2019 Class)

Bah Foundation

The Bah Foundation is dedicated to transforming lives and communities by addressing the root causes of poverty and empowering individuals to achieve self-sufficiency. Through strategic planning, collaboration, and sustainable practices, they aim to create a future where everyone can live a dignified and fulfilling life. With funding from Greenhouse, they will be in a better position to run multiple programs at
consistent rates where they can scale our impact. For example, they can expand their operations to California and complete the
construction of the Islamic center that will provide an underserved population with a hub where they can access food, education, and religious services.