Young Leaders Program – 2023 Idea Creation & Enhancement Sessions

Comprised of three components (learning, relationships, entrepreneurship), the Young Leaders Program provides comprehensive support to Greenhouse alumni in the first decade of their careers and post-college lives and ensures we work together as a community to launch high-potential, high-impact ideas. 

The program serves alumni who are committed to growing as a leader, pursuing the best version of themselves, leveling the playing field in their careers, and being a part of strengthening our community.  

By supporting the people and ideas that have the greatest ability to positively impact our world, the Young Leaders Program is a building block in pursuit of lasting community change.

Through the entrepreneurship component of the Young Leaders Program, Greenhouse provides direct support for early-stage ideas and connections to funding for different life stages.

The goal of the entrepreneurship component is to create an entrepreneurial mindset and platform to identify and launch high-potential ideas. In 2023, the Young Leaders Program hosted its first Idea Creation and Idea Enhancement sessions in Boulder, CO.

Building Blocks in Pursuit of Lasting Community Change

In April 2023, Greenhouse held its first Idea Creation Session for the Young Leaders Program, and it was a huge success. Our Young Leaders and community members came together to brainstorm and develop new ideas that can make a real impact on our communities. Here’s what one Young Leader had to say:

“The brainstorming part of the idea creation was my favorite. I really enjoyed being able to think of several business ideas, it made me think that business ideas are limitless.” We’re thrilled with the results of this session and grateful to everyone who participated and contributed their creative energy and expertise.”

Greenhouse Community Members included: Rio Hodges, Matt Jenkins, David Raduziner, Diana Verrilli, and Liz Wolfson

Young Leaders Program Scholar Alumni included: Jose Banales, Tyler Cunningham, Richard Maez, and Jessica Saifee

Launching High-Potential Ideas

In May 2023, Greenhouse held its first Idea Enhancement Session for the Young Leaders Program. Greenhouse Community members and Scholar Alumni came together to discuss, sharpen, and hone Young Leaders’ business ideas. We’re excited to witness the incredible potential that emerged from this session. Here’s what one Young Leader had to say:

“My favorite part of the session was hearing what my fellow Greenhouse peers have been doing and what businesses they are working on. It was motivational to hear them follow their dreams and it pushed me to work harder on my business to one day reach my vision.”

Greenhouse Community Members included: Todd Ebert, Dan Hoskins, Eric Kean, and Dwayne Nesmith

Young Leaders Program Scholar Alumni included: Helena Cappon, Richard Dominique, Alexa Lobato, and Walker Sanchez