Support Noshin’s ‘Ghost Heart’ Flex Funding project

Noshin, University of Illinois Class of 2019, became interested in medicine during a visit to her birth country, Bangladesh, while in high school. Disconcerted by the substantial difference in medical technology between her homeland and the United States, Noshin decided to major in biomedical engineering, specifically cellular and tissue engineering, with a goal of using her skill set to narrow the increasing gap in healthcare availability between developing and developed countries.

At University of Illinois Noshin is a member of the Biomedical Engineering Society, a student group that organizes presentations for the school’s annual Engineering Open House. Noshin is leading a team of eight in one of the most highly anticipated presentations of the year, titled “Ghost Heart: The Future of Personalized Organs.”

The objective of the ‘Ghost Heart’ project is to introduce the biomedical advancement of personalized organ transplants—stripping organs of their original cells and reseeding them with the cells of the receiving patient to reduce the threat of bodily rejection—and inspire younger students to engage in the STEM fields.

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