Pravleen and Sana’s Peer Support Story

Through our Peer Support program, Greenhouse Scholars come together to celebrate each other’s accomplishments and support one another through the challenges they face. This creates strong connections between Scholars that last throughout their time in the program and long after. Sana and Prav have been close since they became Greenhouse Scholars and each praises the other for the care and support that they have received from the friendship. As they both pursue careers in medicine, they help to motivate, inspire, and guide one another toward success.

In November, the two were awarded a Greenhouse Scholars Flex Funding grant to attend the AAMC’s Medical Minority Conference in Boston where they received valuable information about the MCAT and the medical school application process. After the conference, they realized that many students from disadvantaged backgrounds have limited access to such resources. As leaders, they decided to take action to help others striving for careers in medicine by sharing what they learned through a website they will launch with the help of another Scholar, Nhan Tran. In the Greenhouse Scholars community, two friends supporting each other becomes something much greater as they come together to work toward lasting positive impact.


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