Kaleb Anderson’s Summer Symposium Story

Just months before starting college, Kaleb and his mother were called into his doctor’s office to receive unfortunate news. Kaleb was HIV positive. Shortly after the diagnosis, Kaleb’s health worsened, requiring him to receive weeks of painful treatment. There were times when Kaleb thought that it would be easier to die than to fight for his life everyday, but his mother encouraged him to stay strong.

A week after treatment, Kaleb attended his first Summer Symposium, worried about the stigma of his disease and unsure what to tell others. During a seminar about vulnerability, Kaleb was inspired to share his story with other Greenhouse Scholars and was astonished by the love, acceptance, and support that he received.

Today, Kaleb is thriving and pursuing new leadership opportunities on his campus. He currently serves as Vice President of DePauw’s student executive board and works to give a voice to marginalized communities. At the most recent Summer Symposium, he spoke about his experience with HIV, the support that he received from Greenhouse Scholars, and his ongoing work as a community leader. You can watch his inspiring speech on our YouTube channel.


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