Greenhouse Scholars receives largest donation in the organization’s history

Foundation for Global Scholars, a nonprofit that inspires and equips young adults to tackle global challenges through international experience, leadership skills, and cultural competence, has pledged to give Greenhouse Scholars $300,000 over the next three years—the largest gift in the organization’s history.

These funds will be used to support education initiatives and impact projects on an international scale. Along with this donation, Foundation for Global Scholars Co-Founders Sheila Houston and Cynthia Banks will be personally involved with the organization as volunteers, and Cynthia Banks has joined the Greenhouse Scholars Colorado Development and Advisory Board.

“We are extremely grateful for this gift and are excited for the many opportunities that will be made possible due to Sheila’s and Cynthia’s generosity,” said Pete Burridge, President and CEO of Greenhouse Scholars. “We look forward to collaborating with Sheila and Cynthia and the exceptional young leaders in our program to identify high-impact projects and initiatives that will drive positive change in low-income communities throughout the world.”

Cynthia Banks adds: “We are extremely impressed with the Greenhouse Scholars mission and with their capability to enact real change among young adults through education and community service. We have met their scholars and clearly see the impact of their programs and services. The Foundation for Global Scholars is honored to support this organization.”