Greenhouse Scholars Launches Operations in New York

NEW YORK CITY (Dec. 6, 2022) Greenhouse Scholars, a nonprofit cultivating diverse leaders,

announced that it has launched operations in New York, bringing its successful philanthropic model,

honed and tested over nearly two decades, to the nation’s largest city and its surrounding state.

The organization named its first class of Greenhouse Scholars from New York earlier this year,

representing The Bronx, Queens, and Long Island. Greenhouse now has full-time staff on the ground in

New York City and seeks additional donors, volunteers, and community leaders to help the program

continue to grow in the region.

Founding Supporters on the ground floor of this launch include Tiger Global Impact Ventures,

TAG Associates, Savills, Modern Executive Solutions, Gamut Capital, and many generous individual


Founded in 2005 in Colorado, Greenhouse Scholars’ vision is to create a community of leaders who will

evolve the communities of the world. The organization’s Community Change Model begins by working with

the most inspiring role models from low-income communities during their college years. Greenhouse

continues with these young leaders during their post-college lives to support their growth as individuals

and collaborate to implement ideas, companies, and change initiatives. As program alums move into their

30’s and 40’s, the Greenhouse community works together to deepen and broaden the impact of these

ideas and initiatives to benefit whole communities.

“When we started Greenhouse, our ambition was to grow into a truly national organization, impacting lives

across the country,” said Pete Burridge, CEO of Greenhouse Scholars. “Our expansion into New York

makes that dream a giant step closer to reality, and we’re incredibly grateful to our inaugural donors there

for believing in our vision and providing the resources to serve our first class of Scholars in the state.”

Greenhouse Scholars’ results are undeniable: 97% of Scholars graduate from college, compared to only

15% of low-income, first-generation students nationally. The Scholars’ starting salaries are double that of

their parents and are 22% higher than their peers – changing the trajectory of entire families. The

Scholars, alumni, and supporters have collaborated to launch and lead hundreds of nonprofit and forprofit

businesses, change initiatives, and projects benefitting more than 4,000 communities. 90,000

people are directly impacted by this organization every year through mentoring, volunteering, community

initiatives, presentations, entrepreneurship, partnerships, school impact projects, and more.

For more information about getting involved with Greenhouse Scholars in New York, either as a

Founding Supporter or partner, please contact Paul Cothran at

or 303.459.5473 or visit:

About Greenhouse Scholars

Greenhouse is a diverse community of leaders working together to ensure people of all

backgrounds can live a life of their choosing. We have a community of thousands of leaders who

are taking action to create change in our country and around the world. Education unlocks the

potential of leaders, their families, and entire communities. Greenhouse leverages the power of

education and community to create generational change.

Founding Sponsors of Greenhouse Scholars in New York include:

Tiger Global Impact Ventures

Tag Associates


Modern Executive Solutions

Gamut Capital