The Class of 2021’s Impact Story

The freshman Class of 2021 has chosen to work with Noel Community Arts School, Scholar Joon Baang’s alma mater in the Montbello neighborhood of Denver. This community, where nearly 90% of students are economically disadvantaged and only 11% meet ACT standards of college readiness, has been prone to violence and witnessed the near closing of its middle school.

This project is an entrepreneurial endeavor designed by the Greenhouse Scholars with the guidance of our staff and a volunteer advisor, Matt Polick. The Class of 2021 will provide vital resources for students to cultivate a long-term impact on achievement and school culture. The Scholars are working with committed administrators and will volunteer in-person to provide mentorship to student body leaders, enabling those students to guide their classmates towards positive behaviors that will create lasting change in their school and community.


We rely on donations from you and other members of the Greenhouse Scholars community to support this program. Today, you can be a driving force for change in low-income communities.

$10,000 – Sponsor a Scholar for one full year of the program
$2,000 – Help out-of-state Scholars attend a summer boot camp for their high school mentees
$1,000 – Support the creation of a mural designed to visualize education opportunities in a Montbello school
$500 – Coach Greenhouse Scholars to serve as role models to younger students by presenting their stories of relentlessness and achievement
Any amount – Become a valued member of the Greenhouse Scholars community by supporting our Impact program

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