Ahnika Leroy’s Internship Story

Ahnika’s experience with instability and homelessness, coupled with the tremendous support of a Colorado Springs community that nurtured her during difficult times, created an insatiable drive to never give up. As part of the Greenhouse Scholars community, Ahnika has been inspired by Scholars, mentors, and other supporters to be a leader who engages and encourages younger, under-resourced students to pursue their dreams with tenacity.

In college, Ahnika is pursuing a career in economics so that she may create policies to address the inequities which have impacted her and countless others. Through Greenhouse Scholars’ Internship program, she earned positions working for longtime Greenhouse Scholars supporters, Jim Collins, author of Good to Great, and Zayo Group. From these experiences, Ahnika gained critical insights into excellence, leadership, problem solving and risk taking. Today, she is applying those lessons to her own personal and professional growth so that she may create the change she so deeply desires.


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