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Promoting responsible food and energy production and consumption.

“I am a slam poet. Slam poetry is about telling your story: the hardships, triumphs, or struggles of your community.” Yocelyn, herself, is no stranger to hardship. After her childhood home went into foreclosure, her family moved nine times in the span of six years—often to dilapidated and unsafe neighborhoods. This constant displacement changed how Yocelyn defined home. “I found my sense of home within my intimate relationship with nature. The serenity I would feel when lying in the grass under a tree.”

These experiences helped shape Yocelyn’s desire for change, “If I could have a transformative impact in my lifetime it would be on both the housing and agricultural system. I want people to live healthier lives and to respect the planet they are living on.” Yocelyn plans to study architecture in hopes of becoming LEED licensed and certified to design affordable, sustainable apartments and homes.


  • Founding Member and Co-President, Dance for Change
  • Club Secretary, Poetry SLAM team