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“I am futuristic. I am self-assured. I am competitive. I am positive. I am achievement-oriented. I am Yafae.” These are the traits that make Yafae who he is. Yafae often finds himself daydreaming about the future and where he’ll be, what he’ll do, and who he’ll impact. He is a dreamer that sees visions of what could be and tries to see the world from a better perspective. Self-confidence is something that keeps him on track. This self-assurance gives him confidence in his abilities, judgment, and a belief that he can do what he puts his mind to. Growing up playing sports and competing with family and friends is something that instilled great values in Yafae. As a competitor, he has learned to work hard and be disciplined because he refuses to be outworked. Yafae is an optimist who is quick to smile because he feels that It is just good to be alive. No matter the circumstances, he can find a positive and humorous outlook on a situation. Over the years, he’s noticed that this enthusiasm is contagious, especially in group settings, and it can change the mood of an entire room. Yafae has a constant hunger and relentless drive to achieve, which he describes as an eternal flame burning in is heart that pushes him to do more. While these values are all important to his identity, he understands that he is still evolving and finding new parts of his identity all the time.


  • The Academy Group Chicago 
  • Michele Clark Varsity Football, Captain 
  • JROTC Program, Executive Officer