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William wants everyone he comes into contact with to know that he is an ally for representation, inclusivity, growth, and meaningful impact on society. Whether that is leading various service projects in his National Honor Society chapter, leading an ARCGIS Project in Science National Honor Society that focused on the detection of wildfires in Colorado, or creating a peer to peer system of support to facilitate the project. Using his bilingualism in Cantonese and Spanish, William contributed towards podcasts to teach English on a international scale through PROJECT: Clair. Whether applying machine learning to medicine and creating artificial intelligence that diagnosed glioblastoma multiforme with an accuracy upwards of 92%, or detecting areas of susceptible wildfires, he realized that his interests can create positive changes in communities that are meaningful to him. He plans to continue his research interests at a college level and plans to integrate his artificial intelligence in medical facilities. William is also exploring the power of education with a project that he plans to complete before his education at Princeton begins. He hopes to create a platform that connects mentors and students based on interests with a machine learning focus to create these perfect matches.


  • National Honor Society, President¬†
  • Science National Honor Society, President¬†
  • Sci-Tech Program, Researcher and Mentor¬†