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Wendy herself says it best: “I have not let the low expectations of others deter me from my goals. Everyone falls, but only those strong enough will choose to stand back up again. Ultimately, I am the one who holds my life choices and no one else’s perception will dictate who I can be.” Wendy was born in the U.S. but raised in Mexico. Through her focus on education, strong self-respect, and a willingness to take risks, Wendy has already overcome significant obstacles. She works to help others overcome their obstacles through tutoring minority students at Boulder High School and volunteering for Community Cycles. Wendy also works as a Learning Assistant for introductory Astronomy classes at her college. She hopes to work for an international organization to help people around the world with educational, political, and health issues. In addition, she would like to use her astrophysics background to promote math and science education globally.