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Growing up in a low-income, diverse community, Vicky witnessed the sacrifices many immigrant families, including her own, made to help their children succeed. However, Vicky’s family is only a fraction of what contributed to her success as a student, a leader, and an adult. She is fierce, determined, and unwavering in her commitment to social justice. As an Asian-American, Vicky has had to combat her culture’s traditional and patriarchal values. She works to inspire others to acknowledge the importance of racial equity for all people of color and gender equality.

Vicky became a leader in her community by establishing Book Buddies, a free opportunity for low-income students during the pandemic. Not only does Vicky spend her time assisting others, but she also uses her voice to speak out against injustices, working with community members in Atlanta to address the policing of black and brown bodies. Though Vicky’s career goals are aimed towards furthering environmental policies, she hopes to use her passion for helping others and advocacy to establish a global program for other students to ignite their own passions and lead future generations to successfully solve global issues.


  • Green Youth Advisory Council, Volunteer
  • Asian American Student Association, Member
  • Nature Society, Officer