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Growing up in one of Chicago’s most violent neighborhoods, Vershawn was surrounded by the violent deaths and imprisonment of his friends. Vershawn chose, instead, to attend a selective-enrollment high school after realizing “no one possesses the power to control my life but me”. There, he forged a path of leadership, becoming the first African-American National Honor Society president at his high school. His natural leadership abilities made a lasting impact on his school community, with one teacher noting, “Vershawn is one of those rare students who embodies the spirit of a building, who fills the halls and classrooms with his presence. A student whose presence alters and benefits the communities he is in.”
Vershawn hopes to make a big impact in his family and his community through a career in the pharmacy industry. After completing pharmacy technician training at the age of 16, he sought a part-time job at a pharmacy to support his family and launch his career.