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Fostering positive relations between nations through cross-cultural understanding.

As a Haitian/African-American from Chicago’s South Side, Trinity is an optimistic, motivated, and caring individual with a profound love for learning and tutoring. She believes that the most effective way to solve global issues is by understanding them from multiple perspectives. This belief led her to join the nonprofit World Chicago, where she engages in cross-cultural conversations with government officials, scholars, scientists, and diplomats from around the world. Trinity’s admiration for cross-cultural communication is evident in her interest in learning Mandarin, Japanese, and Spanish. She also serves as the President of her school’s Chinese Club, further showcasing her dedication to cultural exchange and language learning. As the daughter of a kidney transplant recipient, Trinity is acutely aware of the inequalities in the healthcare system. This personal experience drives her to research healthcare disparities, working with Northwestern University’s Baxter Center for Science Education and the Mexican Association for the Aid of Children with Cancer. Through her passion for cross-cultural education and her commitment to addressing healthcare inequalities, Trinity demonstrates her dedication to finding solutions to critical global issues.


  • Chinese Club, President
  • World Chicago Youth Diplomats, Youth Leadership Council
  • Mexican Association for the Aid of Children with Cancer, Volunteer