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Witnessing her mother’s hospitalization caused Theresa to step up and financially contribute to her household. Additionally, she began to think about becoming a doctor to help low-income patients like her mom. While in high school, Theresa held an internship at Denver Health, leading her to learn about safety net hospitals that care for low-income and vulnerable communities. As a result, Theresa has become passionate about serving in a safety net hospital as a future physician. Theresa worked hard to graduate in the top 1% of her high school class of 250, while taking college classes and becoming a Junior ROTC Battalion Commander. She joins only 10 other students this year in being accepted into a pre-med partnership program at CU Denver, reserving her a spot at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Theresa’s Junior ROTC instructor wrote, “Theresa’s dedication to community and the needs of others also reminds me of Greenhouse Scholars’ vision. Theresa is exactly the change-maker, leader, and future doctor you are speaking about here.”