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Working to reform the criminal justice system in the United States through education and advocacy.

Taliajah has been a dedicated caretaker for her younger siblings while maintaining high grades and holding a plethora of leadership positions in many clubs. Her junior year of high school, Taliajah founded a free tutoring program for elementary, middle and high school students called Bright Brain Tutoring. She founded this program to provide low-income students the opportunity to increase their capacity to learn and improve their education.

With her sights ultimately set on becoming a Supreme Court Justice, Taliajah aims to pursue a law degree, practice criminal defense law, and envisions educating on and advocating for criminal justice reform. Her teacher states, “Taliajah is a powerful agent of change and exhibits leadership that I admire and desire for other students to emulate…in my experiences as a teacher, she is the rarest of finds. Her character, determination, and natural ability to lead set her apart as an example to empower other students.”


  • Founder Bright Brain Tutoring
  • Student Body President
  • Miss Southern High School
  • DECA President
  • SSES Glee Club Founder
  • Battle of the Books Vice President
  • Governor’s School attendee