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Encourage critical thinking in education by infusing computational thinking in high school classrooms.

Syna grew up on the island of St. Thomas, where she survived the category five Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017. Syna uses this experience as strength to practice relentlessness in every phase of her life, whether that be taking the personal initiative to relocate to North Carolina with her family or through her leadership and community service experiences. As a leader, she aims to encourage members in both her school’s Science Olympiad team and Beta Club to maximize their potential by holding members accountable towards their goals as a group. Furthermore, to foster a love for learning and critical thinking within her community, Syna worked with children at her local library to help them improve their pre-literacy skills. At school, she initiated a service project to work with teachers to infuse computational thinking into their curriculum. Successfully achieving this goal, she plans to continue working with high schools to promote critical and creative thinking through this type of curriculum.”


  • Infusing Computing, Founder
  • Beta Club, Community Service Coordinator
  • Game2Learn Lab, Intern