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Enforce equity, inclusivity, and diversity in all settings.

Steven is passionate about equity and inclusion in healthcare. Diagnosed with a rare bleeding disorder at seven years old, he lives by the mantra: strive through even in adversity. The additional challenge of living in a community with one under-funded hospital and very few clinics spread unevenly across town, inspired him to raise awareness of the health inequities in Rockaway. As he mastered the hurdles of managing a chronic medical condition with limited medical resources and language barriers, he is determined to become the understanding and inclusive doctor he wished he had. 

Putting his values of diversity and equality into action, Steven is the Co-Founder of HUM IV, a team focused on fostering diversity, inclusivity, and equity at school. When he noticed a decline in academic performance of his peers during remote learning, he took the initiative to lead virtual tutoring sessions, a move that earned him the Teen Impact Award for Volunteerism. At New York University Steven will study Global Public Health and Biology, continuing his journey to create an equitable healthcare system and a supportive community for all.


  • HUM IV Equity Team, Co-Founder
  • Student Government, Inaugural Inclusion Ambassador
  • RISE, Intern