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Sophie’s deep responsibility for her two younger sisters inspired her to show them a better path. Their mother’s serious addiction issues meant Sophie and her younger sisters had little guidance and lots of independence at young age. Choosing not to care about her future for a period of time, Sophie noticed the negative effect her decisions had on her siblings. She pivoted quickly, focusing on her academics and leadership pursuits, earning a role as captain of both her club soccer team for four years and her high school’s varsity soccer team. A passionate environmentalist, Sophie interned with the Sierra Club where she co-led a social media outreach video for a program to commit Denver to 100% clean energy by 2030 that was used on the organization’s national website. Sophie will be playing Division 1 soccer at the University of Delaware.

Says one of her teachers: “Both on the soccer field and in the classroom Sophie is tenacious. Sophie leaves nothing to chance. She plays and studies as if nothing in life were easy or handed to her. What makes Sophie all the more amazing is her wonderful attitude and disposition through all of this.”