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Standing up for children by changing policies to better safeguard the physical and mental health of children around the world.

Sarah is no stranger to obstacles in life being from a low-income family with an absentee father who was an addict and a mother who became very ill; however, she was determined to prevent these difficulties from achieving her goals. Through this, she developed a deep sense of determination, compassion for other low-income families, a strong work ethic, and a passion for furthering her education. She exercises her accountability in school, on sports teams, at her part-time jobs, and throughout her volunteer work.

As a avid mentor in her high school program, she helped freshmen adjust to the new dynamic and build their confidence. On her track team, she exhibits a positive attitude and acts as a supportive teammate. In her community, she volunteers with an organization that helps families that deal with severe health issues, struggle to put food on the table and afford clothes, or have lost their homes. Through all of her experiences, Sarah has developed into an empathetic leader. Ultimately, Sarah has set her sights on becoming an attorney with a focus on giving children of domestic violence cases a stronger voice in the judicial system.


  • Mentor, Stevenson Freshman Mentor Program
  • Volunteer, Bernie‚Äôs Book Bank
  • Volunteer, Feed My Starving Children
  • Volunteer, Give-a-thon Charity
  • Team Leader, Teaching Young Children Program