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Make education the right it should be, so that we can all sow a better future.

Reina seeks to bridge the inequality gap within education through public policy and social advocacy. Through various forms of local and district leadership in the Denver area, Reina has exemplified how accountability and relentlessness are necessary when taking steps toward true and meaningful change. With her unique experience in both private and public schooling systems, Reina was exposed to the glaring differences between private and public school classroom conditions, teachers, curriculum, and extracurricular services. These experiences caused Reina to start asking questions – “regardless of age or district, don’t all children deserve an equal token of faith for their success?” Reina is relentless in her pursuit to make education equitable for all, and hopes to continue to work towards transforming education institutions through policy work and advocacy.


  • Testifying at the Capitol for HB-23-1109, the ‘Let Kids Be Kids’ Bill.
  • Leader, Rising Ravens, an inclusive tutoring/support system at South High School.
  • Advocate with the National Association for College Admission Counseling for access to higher education in Washington D.C.