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Inspire the future generations of low-income students through mentorship.

Growing up in the Mae Ra Moe refugee camp near the Thai-Myanmar border, Plaw loved watching his father build new things. This sparked a curiosity and passion for creativity, building, and learning. After immigrating to the United States, working hard to learn English with the help of a neighbor, and entering high school, Plaw was able to take advantage of engineering courses offered by Denver South High School. These courses fueled his desire to study engineering in college. With an engineering degree, Plaw plans to invent new technologies that help people lead better lives. As members of the refugee community in Denver, Plaw’s family received support from an organization called Growing Colorado Kids. Plaw is passionate about giving back to communities that have given to him, and so, he began to volunteer with Growing Colorado Kids as a group leader. Normally pretty shy, Plaw says Growing Colorado Kids has helped him become a more open and brave person. He is also a member of Minds Matter Colorado, an organization he credits with helping him prepare for college.

Plaw is passionate about mentorship and hopes to lead a non-profit in the future that focuses on education.


  • Growing Colorado Kids, Youth Leader
  • Minds Matter Colorado, Mentee
  • Soccer, Team Member