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Advancing equity, representation, and inclusion efforts to improve the lives of youth and underrepresented communities.

Osvaldo’s seed of interest in politics started when his great-grandfather told him about his uncle, who despite significant financial burdens served as a representative for his parent’s village in Mexico and sought to grant access to education, transportation, and electricity to all. Aspiring to be like his uncle, a political career seemed an unattainable goal at that time, but since then, he has grown increasingly passionate about social justice, politics, and local government. Osvaldo had a rocky start to his first year when he realized he was the only student of color in his AP class, composed of about thirty students. He often felt academically insecure, but with the guidance of teachers, mentors, and family members, he soon realized that to resist inequality, he must push himself harder. Hence, during high school, he formed clubs and organizations that enabled him to give back, make a difference, and vocalize the inequities in his high school community. Some clubs, like the Latino Student Organization and the Unity Council, were school-based, while others, like the Youth Opportunities Advisory Board of the City of Boulder, helped him to amplify youth voices and serve the greater community. As a first-generation college student and one of six children of hard working immigrant parents, Osvaldo aspires to continue giving back to his communities by serving as a catalyst of change and embarking on efforts that uplift the voices of youth and marginalized communities.


  • Latino Student Organization, President
  • Youth Opportunities Advisory Board Member
  • Boulder Valley School District Youth Equity Council