Nikki Medanovic

University of Illinois, Chicago
Class of 2022

Nikki’s family emigrated from Serbia to the United States during the Yugoslav wars, and her Eastern European heritage is very important to her. After devastating floods hit Serbia in 2014, Nikki volunteered at an orphanage there to help children through the aftermath and inspire them to think about their futures. She has been the dance captain of the Gracanica Folklore Dance Group for five years, president of both Band Council and Acapella Group, and began the orchestra at her church..

One of her recommenders shared: “Nikki explores new ideas willingly and commits herself fully to everything she does. This combination of deep curiosity and determined work attitude will lead her to be a lifelong explorer of ideas.” Politics has always been a discussion in Nikki’s household, leading her to major in Political Science in college, where she plans to expose herself to different viewpoints and challenge her own views.