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Encouraging youth in STEM and pushing the boundaries of spacecraft.

The first in her family heading to a 4-year university, Natalia’s family didn’t have the privilege of accessible education in Aguascalientes, Mexico. The Co-Founder of STEMing Youth, Natalia has dedicated her talents to immersing underrepresented children in STEM. Recognized for her work on AI and space travel, her success is a source of inspiration in the Latinx community. Her story challenges the narrative that opportunities are bound by socioeconomic status, language barriers, or geographical location. Presenting her research at the MITES Summer Symposium, Natalia spoke to the power of leveraging community to drive change. She is a testament to the idea that when people come together, they can overcome even the most daunting obstacles. Natalia envisions a future where marginalized communities can pursue science and technology careers without barriers.


  • STEMing Youth, Co-Founder
  • InspiritAI, Ambassador
  • MITES, Summer Symposium Speaker