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Nancy Zhao grew up with a younger brother and mother and often assisted with physical therapy and translating for her parents. In high school, she had the opportunity to do two internships, start a podcast helping teens explore careers and mental health, create an organization to help first generation students navigate difficult transitions, and even start a small business with friends. Through her high school years, Nancy tutored low-income students and raised money through her small business to donate school supplies to disadvantaged children. These experiences have made language an essential part of who she is and a unique aspect that helps her better connect with others. She knew helping others was her calling, especially mentally. Her school didn’t have many psychology courses, so she took an Introduction to Psychology course and shadowed personality psychology courses both at Northwestern last summer. Nancy’s ambition for the future is to use the knowledge she’s gained during her undergraduate studies to pursue a higher degree and, eventually, to open her own clinic or business. Many communities, even her own, often neglect mental health, but she hopes to join the healthcare field to bring light to the importance of mental health and thought processes. Nancy aims to continue exploring different parts of the healthcare industry to open up her options and to better the human experience through connection.


  • Crunch Time Podcast, Founder, Host, and Executive Producer
  • Youth Counsel, Founder and President
  • Chinese American Service League, Teaching Assistant and Mentor