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The son of two Palestinian immigrants living in a rural community, Mohamed developed a strong passion for both STEM and public service to better address the disparities he faced from a young age. Initiating efforts to serve refugee populations, coordinating student government action on mental health, and conducting scientific research on renewable energy, he found a combination of engineering and policy reform to be a solution to contemporary issues. Mohamed balanced this while also dedicating time to his family business, where he was exposed to the importance of helping people out and serving a small role in a grand scheme through a towing and roadside assistance perspective. Combining his nourished passions, he hopes to scratch the surface on the possibilities of bridging international networks and business models to combat real world issues of water purification, energy efficiency, and air quality.


  • Varsity Football, Captain¬†
  • Student Council, President¬†
  • Colorado Student Leaders Institute, President¬†