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Mimi understands that the best way to learn is by stepping into a new environment and allowing yourself to adapt to meet the new challenges that you face. She does not fear change, she welcomes it and tackles difficulties head on. Mimi is an outstanding student and has conducted her own original research, including on-the-ground fieldwork, in Vietnam and worked with a nonprofit in South Africa while studying abroad. Having studied anthropology and human biology and graduating from Stanford with honors, Mimi plans to attend medical school with a focus on pediatrics. She recently completed a post-baccalaureate program at the University of Colorado at Denver. Beyond academics Mimi served as the treasurer of two Stanford service organizations, Students Taking on Poverty and Project LOVE, was involved with Stanford Health Education for Life Program, and volunteered as the Outreach Coordinator for Community Health Services at Baker Clinic. Currently, Mimi is working full-time at Denver Children’s Hospital and plans to apply to medical school.