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Michelle came to the US without knowing any English. They persevered, graduating from high school as an IB Diploma Recipient and having taken the most rigorous courses, including multivariable calculus and higher-level physics, offered at their high school. In addition to their academic success, Michelle was the founder and president of STEM Club, a club that worked to bridge the socioeconomic gap among students interested in STEM. They were on the leadership team for CU Teen Science Café, which connected high school students with experts in scientific fields. Michelle’s teacher says, “Michelle is a very dedicated and independent young woman who has a strong sense of right and wrong, and who is willing to stand up to defend [themself] or others when [they] feel they are being mistreated.”

Michelle is a deep thinker and smiles broadly when talking about topics like quantum mechanics. Their dream has always been to become an astronaut and use their skills to save the planet.