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Create an environment where all organisms can coexist and thrive.

Mia will never back down from a challenge no matter how large. Her  perseverance and determination pushed her to excel academically, despite the challenges that come with Dyscalculia. She sees the world as her lab, and she is the head scientist. Her curiosity and passion for conservation inspired her to start the Environmental Conservation Organization Club, where she secured grant funding to build a community garden that made healthy food accessible at school. Mia genuinely wants to change the world and has the right mindset to do it. After her tenure at the University of Southern California, she’s set her sights on earning a PhD to put her conservation knowledge into action. In her free time, Mia enjoys exploring the performing arts through acting, dancing, and directing live theater.


  • LA City Zoo, Intern Mentor
  • STEAM CODERS, Assistant Teacher
  • Jelly Lab, Head Research Mentor