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McKenzie’s leadership has largely been through her service to her school and community. While she does hold some leadership roles, she has been more successful in advocating for positive change as an active member of clubs and organizations. As an active member, she can ask the big questions or make suggestions that improve her organizations and then work with others to bring the ideas to life. Her greatest acts of service have been in her local food pantry. Addressing hunger and food insecurity is a critical issue for McKenzie. There is no excuse for people to experience hunger in a country where there is so much excess. She believes in supporting and assisting those in need while making sure that they leave with their dignity intact. As often as she can, she addresses inequity in all forms and promotes fairness and justice everywhere. In all these duties, she is responsible for her and learning how to balance her school, work, and dance lives and obligations. 


  • Studio J Dance Center, Senior Competitive Company Member
  • Phoenix Ambassadors, School Recruiter and Spirit Leader
  • F.I.R.E Program, Activity Coordinator