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Identifying additional renewable energy-based travel options as an aerospace engineer.

As President of the Red Cross Youth Board, Matthew has been responsible for leading over 150 of Augusta’s youth in servicing their community, but it was in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew that his leadership skills were really put to the test. Flooded with evacuees from Savannah, he was the only minor given the responsibility of organizing two community centers for evacuees and partnered with the Salvation Army and other Red Cross volunteers to make sure that they were provided with all of the necessary resources. The experience was rewarding and educational and Matthew plans on continuing his work with the Red Cross in college.

In addition to his extensive work with the Red Cross, Matthew has spent much of his time honing his skills as a jazz and classical percussionist, which he also intends to carry over into college. Through higher education, Matthew will continue a legacy that those in his family’s generation has started and make a difference in the lives of generations that will follow in his footsteps.


  • President, Red Cross Youth Board
  • Section Leader & Officer, Band
  • Leader, Jazz Band
  • Vice President, Student Council