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Make healthcare more accessible for people in underdeveloped countries.

Maimouna immigrated to Colorado as a 7-year-old from Senegal, West Africa. She knew no English when she arrived and was taken out of class for extra help. Fewer than 10 years later, she was taking AP Calculus and AP English. After struggling with the college admission process as a first-generation student, she and her peers established a club to support their classmates through the process. Additionally, she founded her school’s first Philosophy Club, a club to discuss a variety of topics in a safe, judgment-free zone. Maimouna is a talented cook, combining the Senegalese and American methods, failing and succeeding in her culinary experiments, she has learned many lessons that can be applied to everyday life. Maimouna says, “I’ve learned that in order to succeed, I have to have creativity and a willingness to innovate.”

During a trip back to Senegal to visit family, Maimouna witnessed how inaccessible the healthcare system is in Africa and she was inspired to change it. She didn’t wait and instead got to work researching programs to help her towards her goal. This led her to enroll in the CU Pre-Health Scholars Program, where they work to diminish adversity within the healthcare field and provide Scholars the opportunity to work with various medical technologies. This experience fueled Maimouna’s passion to make healthcare more accessible for people living in underdeveloped countries. Her goal is to ensure each patient is able to receive the medical attention they deserve at low costs.


  • CU Pre-Health Scholars Program, Mentor
  • BSF, Co-founder and Tutor
  • Muslim Student Association, Member